Garage Studio Program Previous Artists

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The Garage Studio Program has been in place since 2016. It has hosted both individual artists and artist groups. The Garage Studio is a part of the ArtsHub McLuhan property located in the beautiful community of Highlands in Edmonton. The program aims to offer space and time for the advancement of an artist or artist group’s career, and the space is offered at no cost. Each April, a call is made to individual artists and collaborative groups in all arts disciplines to apply for the Garage Studio. Emphasis is placed on finding an artist or artists with a strong project proposal and good potential to succeed in producing artwork in the available space and time.

Tennis Club – 2016/17
Black Girl Magic
Black Girl Magic – 2017/18
Lauren Crazybull standing with her mural
Lauren Crazybull – 2018/19
Amanda Chwelos
Amanda Chwelos – 2019/20
Aeris Osbourne – 20/21
Breanna Barrington – 22/23
Erika Germain – 23/24