McLuhan House

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Located at 11342 64 Street in the beautiful historic Highlands neighbourhood, McLuhan House was restored by Arts Habitat, with support from the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Arts Council, and the Social Enterprise Fund. This project afforded us a wealth of knowledge in the restoration of a heritage building. We worked diligently to rezone the property as a commercial building and are pleased to show how a commercial property with ties to the arts can be successful in a residential area. 

YouthWrite understands that writing is more than just putting words together. It is about exploration, movement, and bringing together various artistic disciplines. McLuhan House has always been envisioned for the literary arts, and YouthWrite is thrilled to make the house their new home

The house features an interpretative display celebrating Dr. Marshall McLuhan and is dedicated to his life, research, and relationship to Edmonton. The gallery contains private family photos donated by Michael McLuhan on behalf of the McLuhan Estate. The house is usually available for viewing upon request or appointment, but due to COVID-19, we temporarily suspended this practice.

Because of McLuhan’s connection to communication, Arts Habitat envisioned McLuhan House for use by Edmonton’s literary community. McLuhan House has been home to the Edmonton Poetry Festival since 2011 and in the final quarter of 2020, we were delighted to form a partnership with YouthWrite, whereby they relocated their organization to McLuhan House.


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