Debbi Serafinchon

Debbi joined the Arts Habitat team in January 2018 from the corporate world. She is a natural storyteller and leader and uses her skills to carry out the voice of the organization. She has been a stakeholder on various projects in a professional manner such as Recover: Edmonton’s Urban Wellness Plan, The City Plan with the City of Edmonton, Connections & Exchanges with the Edmonton Arts Council and the Edmonton Heritage Council, and Advocacy Team Member with IDEA.

Her communication experience started in marketing with positions as marketing manager in the commercial sector but the non-profit world is a much better fit for Debbi as she likes to know she is working for a cause and helping to make a difference. From marketing, she has since naturally gravitated to content writing and social media management.

Debbi has received the Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, and Advanced Communicator Bronze awards from Toastmasters International. She is a recipient of the Charles S. Noble Award for Leadership. She was a mentor for new apprentices in a program offered to new writers with the Elephant Journal and has been published through this publication and numerous other online publications over the years.