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Arts Habitat collaborates on potential art space projects to cultivate accessible and appropriate spaces for the arts community. We endeavor to define the actual space needs through environmental scanning and research. Liaising with partners such as the City of Edmonton, provincial organizations, and non-profit arts organizations across Canada, we continually build upon our expertise to offer the right resources and information to members of the arts community in Edmonton.

From funding options in times of crisis to registering your specific space needs or looking for information to develop your own space, we’ve compiled a list of Arts sector resources to help you achieve your dream.


More about Arts Habitat’s story

  • 2020 REVISION Annual Report

    Arts Habitat’s vision is for dynamic, sustainable, and entrepreneurial artistic communities to thrive in Edmonton. By being part of the decision-making process for Edmonton’s arts space development, we can create long-term impacts for the betterment of arts infrastructure. We pursue this goal by collaborating in healthy relationships and partnering with others to share our arts space knowledge and proficiency. We take pride in being the only entity with the arts infrastructure expertise to provide advice, consultation, and recommendations to City Council, City of Edmonton Administration, arts organizations, individual artists, and other stakeholders and partners.

    Born from a requested initiative by Edmonton City Council in 1995, Arts Habitat was to provide consultation and advice to achieve greater accessibility to live/work space to Edmonton’s artistic community. Previously funded through the Edmonton Arts Council, we were thrilled to sign a direct service agreement with the City of Edmonton in 2020 to pursue the strategic goals of creating space for the arts.

    Employing our leadership and through collaboration, Arts Habitat will focus on achieving long-term impacts that support arts space and experiences that are welcoming, safe, and respectful for all Edmontonians. We will continue to work towards the vision that a dynamic, sustainable, and entrepreneurial artist community can and will thrive in our beautiful city.

    I encourage you to read our 2020 REVISION Annual Report by clicking on the cover below.

    Julian Mayne
    Executive Director

    Cover of our 2020 REVISION Annual Report

  • Arts Habitat Strategic Plan 2019-2022

  • Connections & Exchanges: A 10-Year Plan to Transform Arts and Heritage in Edmonton

  • Cultivating Growth: Ten Years of Arts Habitat

    Cultivating Growth

  • Art of Living Implementation 2008-2018

  • Art of Living Plan 2008-2018

  • Arts Habitat Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Arts Support

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Develop a Space

Space development or license and permit questions? These excellent resources should help.