Cycle Building Update July 20, 2012 Construction Halted!!!

Construction Halted!!!

The City of Edmonton has reached the difficult conclusion that the Alberta Cycle Building should be demolished. While the building was being renovated, a number of major, unexpected site conditions were discovered, prompting administration to reevaluate the future of the building. It was determined that the most viable option is to demolish the structure and temporarily develop the site into an open grassland space until a long-term plan has been developed.

Partners, including the City of Edmonton, Arts Habitat Edmonton, Arts on the Ave and area residents, were looking forward to the building being transformed into a community-based multi-disciplinary arts facility. We will continue to work together on a new business case that will incorporate the vision that we all worked so hard to create.

We will keep you informed of our progress and hope that you will continue to support the creation of what we had only recently re-named: ArtsCommon.


Arts Habitat Edmonton + Arts on the Ave


  • After exploring several options, the City of Edmonton has made the decision to demolish the former Alberta Cycle Building on 118th Avenue.
  • The City of Edmonton, in partnership with Arts Habitat Edmonton and Arts on the Ave, had planned to transform the former Alberta Cycle Building into an arts hub.
  • During the renovation of the building, significant, unexpected issues were identified with the 50-year-old structure.
    • Several pre-construction assessments of the building’s condition were completed by the City of Edmonton and by consultants for Arts Habitat and Arts on the Ave, which did not foresee problems uncovered during the renovation when walls and floors were opened up.
    • Those include foundations unable to bear loads and interior load bearing walls lacking structural integrity.
  • The City, which owns the building, made the decision to demolish the building because the cost of the needed repairs would be close to the same cost of constructing a new building.
    • The site will be converted into a grassed, open space until a long-term plan for the site is developed and approved.
    • A business case is being created to explore options to meet the intended vision of providing space for an arts hub on Alberta Avenue. As part of their support for the revitalization of Alberta Avenue, the City of Edmonton remains committed to working with the partners to support a vibrant arts presence in the area.
    • Much progress has already been made in revitalizing Alberta Avenue through the collaborations of the City of Edmonton, businesses and residents. The arts have played a key role in fostering a vibrant community.
    • The Alberta Avenue Initiative is Edmonton’s pioneer Neighborhood Revitalization project. Some of the goals include safer streets and spaces, an enhanced community life, a thriving economy and increased green spaces – all with the vision to increase resident’s quality of life.
    • The decision to purchase and renovate the building was made based on the best information available at the time.
    • The City of Edmonton took immediate action when the renovation contractor indicated major deficiencies were uncovered.