ArtsHab Studio Gallery Presents: Altar/Alter

June 21 – July 3, 2012
at ArtsHab One Studio Gallery
with a reception on Saturday, June 30, 7 -11 PM

Altar/Alter Exhibition presents Altered art and the Altar as a source of renewal and inspiration within the studio practices of ArtsHab One residents and guests

ArtsHab One opens the Studio Gallery to the public for an exhibition of drawings, paintings, collage, sculpture, multimedia and installations by residents and guests that invite interpretations on the title Altar/Alter. As a venue at The Works Art and Design Festival’s, this exhibit explores the festival’s 2012 theme of Energy and collaboration through the idea of the Altar, altered objects and recycled art, and the history of collaboration within the ArtsHab One community of artists who draw energy and inspiration from the live/work studio environment. The title also refers to the transitory, impermanent nature of the ArtsHab space. Altar/Alter runs from June 21 – July 3 at ArtsHab One Studio Gallery with a reception featuring a musical performance by Booming Tree, on Saturday, June 30, 7 -11 PM.

Altar as an object, site or notion serves as a source of energy and inspiration that artists may draw power from within their creative spaces, daily lives, and by creating altars themselves. An ephemeral creative force, the altar may be born as an artist returns to life during periods of artistic renewal, paying tribute to inspiration past, present or future. Whatever their form, altars are miniature worlds with literal and elusive manifestations.

Alter refers to change and the sometimes cyclical nature of the artistic process, delving into art and objects from the past, as well as embracing the metamorphic effect of their environment. Alter lives in recycling objects and previous works of art and giving them a new life. It is present in the process of revisiting, revising, and expanding upon one’s body of artwork. The alter ego looms around corners of the hallways/altered realities, awaiting to transform.

Each member and guest brings diverse works to contribute to the intimate hallways of ArtsHab One’s Studio Gallery where artists’ home and studio spaces are filled with personal altars, their spaces continuously altered.

Exhibition dates and hours:
Thursday, June 21 – Tuesday, July 3. Gallery open Monday – Sunday, 11AM – 6PM or by appointment. Reception with Booming Tree on Saturday, June 30, 7-11PM. Contact Caitlin at 780-893-4226 or for more info. Admission is free. ArtsHab One is located on the 3rd floor of 10217 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB.

Featuring artists: Arlene Wasylynchuk, Caitlin Sian Richards, Darren Woluschuk, Erika Ampudia-Vales, Gina Adams, Harold Pearce, Jeff Collins, Lynn Malin, Roger Garcia, Ryan J. Brown, Alexis Labarda, Bob Prodor, Cara Seccafien, Devon Beggs, Edmond LeRouzic, J.P. Nourry-Barry, and Paul Karpinski