Arts Habitat Edmonton

We are a non-profit organization engaged in finding, managing and developing space for the arts. We see Edmonton as a hub of dynamic, sustainable, and entrepreneurial artistic communities. We nurture, advocate for and build vibrant, healthy creative arts spaces to help that hub thrive.

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As an organization, we strive to connect those creatives who need space with others in our community who have space to give. Our mandate includes:

Growth of our organizational expertise, capacity, and opportunity for excellence in arts space development within a creative ecology.

Advocacy for arts spaces and places in Edmonton.

Creation of sustainable, appropriate, and affordable spaces for the arts.

About Arts Habitat

Develop a Space

We’ve brought together resources to provide you with the tools you’ll need to get started on developing your own space.

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Find a Space

Find your space! Whether it’s living or working (or both!) Arts Habitat can help you find your perfect space.

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Cultivating Growth – Arts Habitat 10 Year Report

Artists require space in which to create, gather, perform, and to live. There are many disciplines within our artistic community that have different needs for creative space, and this all…

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Transforming Arts and Heritage in Edmonton

The Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) in partnership with the Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC), and Arts Habitat has completed Connections and Exchanges: A 10-year Plan to transform Arts and Heritage in Edmonton and…

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