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SpaceFinder now has over 300 venues listed to better connect those who have space with those who need space.

SpaceFinder Alberta’s goal is to strengthen the creative, non-profit and small business sectors. From the user’s standpoint, SpaceFinder Alberta streamlines the search for appropriate and affordable space. From the venue’s point of view, it increases awareness in the community about your facilities so less space goes underused.

SpaceFinder helps organizations working in the arts, community, volunteer, small business, and non-profit sectors efficiently and effectively find suitable users for their space.

SpaceFinder Alberta is brought to you by Arts Habitat Association of Edmonton in partnership with Calgary Arts Development, ArtsBuild Ontario, Alberta Real Estate Foundation, the City of Edmonton, Canadian Heritage, and Fractured Atlas.

Questions? Please contact us at 780.474.0907 or spacefinder@ArtsHab.com or check out our Spacefinder Resource Page ​for assistance in using the service to list or find your space in the Edmonton Metro Region.​

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