Kimberly Nishikaze

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Kimberly Nishikaze has been a communications professional for most of her career, working in marketing, advertising, reputation management, stakeholder relations, government relations and public policy, event management, and a host of other related activities. She finds she is comfortable coaching individuals and working with organizations to help bridge gaps, provide clear, concise communication, and find solutions to the challenges they face.

Arts Habitat is excited to have Kimberly’s previous board experience, ranging from positions of chairperson, board member and committee member of local, regional, and national organizations. She is looking forward to collaborating with the diverse group of individuals on the Arts Habitat board. Kimberly appreciates the robust skillsets and a wealth of experience she has witnessed from the other Arts Habitat board members. She is looking forward to some dynamic discussions.

Kimberly has won several project-specific awards for her professional work that shows her dedicated contributions to the organizations she has been involved with. Her insight and willingness to share with her community are all welcomed. She believes that a community thrives when the arts community is supported