John Mahon

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John Mahon’s vision of the achievements that could be reached with the appropriate resources dedicated to the artistic community in Edmonton inspired him to become one of the founding members of the Arts Habitat Board. The need for space for the arts was initially addressed by the Edmonton Arts Council in 1996 and John was involved in the creation of the non-profit, Arts Habitat and continues to offer the history and founding values to the current board. Inspired by Artscape out of Toronto, the founding board envisioned a similar model for our city and invited staff from Artscape to Edmonton to help advise and guide the development of Arts Habitat.

John’s professional background lends itself to a valuable understanding of Arts Habitat. He retired from the Edmonton Arts Council in 2013 but remains an active member of the arts community. John is a Sessional Lecturer in the Arts Management and Music program at MacEwan University, a Board development consultant, and still finds time to be a performing musician on the clarinet.

John continues to devote his energy to Arts Habitat because he believes that this organization is vital to both the arts and our City. John says “ArtsHab empowers and enables artists and their organizations to deal directly, confidently and competently with the foundational issue of having adequate and appropriate physical space for their work.”