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Space is an invaluable resource for artists, no matter your medium or purpose. Many creative workers, non-profits, small businesses, and community organizations spend a considerable amount of resources trying to find suitable and affordable rental spaces. Conversely, venues expend significant effort trying to find the right people for their spaces.

The Playhouse Association is still less than a year old, but we’ve had a wonderful reception in Edmonton, and seen a wider range of groups using our spaces than we expected. As a not-for-profit ourselves, keeping our rental rates very competitive for our clients is important to us, so having a great service like SpaceFinder available to us- and at no cost- is a valuable asset. The way we are marketing our venues to different groups has definitely evolved over our first several months of operations, so we’ve really enjoyed the flexibility and control we have with SpaceFinder Alberta!

Patrick Beagan, The Playhouse Association

Space for the Arts Map

Edmonton’s directory of creative rental spaces. We have compiled art purpose spaces into an easy-to-use map.

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Arts Habitat Spaces

We create affordable and appropriate spaces for artists, and identify opportunities to stimulate the growth of sustainable arts space.

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Edmonton Spacefinder

Find your space! Whether it’s living or working (or both!) Arts Habitat can help you find your perfect space.

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