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Sonic Play School

March 15th – DIY Improvisation
6:30 pm
McLuhan House

New Music Edmonton and McLuhan House invite you to Sonic Play School, a new series of public events featuring hands-on, any-level skills workshops and mentor-led discussions.

The name of this series says it all:
Sonic: it’s about sound
Play: it’s about playing
School: it’s about friends, mentors and fun new learning experiences

Starting on March 15th, New Music Edmonton Artistic Director Ian Crutchley and friends will introduce ways to DIY music that has no rules in monthly sessions on making music from scratch. This is about UN-learning what “normal music” is. You don’t need to read music or play an instrument or have any experience: just come along and be part of a fun group that’s looking to use sounds creatively. You can join in making sounds, or you can hang out with us and listen.

Above all this is a chance to be part of a fun community gathering once a month for discussions, to listen to records and watch films and, above all, to make music in an informal, non-judgemental atmosphere. We’ll be making instruments from scratch, trying out some basic electronics and having a try at some fun ways of using your voice without being able to sing.

Everyone will make some discoveries about what it means to make music from scratch!

Ian Crutchley will host the sessions and take part in the workshops. Other mentors coming to the sessions will include an outstanding roster of Edmonton artists, all of them experts in gently involving even the shyest people in making music. Each session will be different in some way, but always with a focus on finding some communal music-making in ourselves.

Oh yeah – and when the weather gets a little nicer, we’re headed into the open air to find out about listening to and making sound in the outdoors.

This exciting partnership between McLuhan House and New Music Edmonton represents our shared commitment to offering accessible and safe space that enables all in our community to enjoy the acquisition of new skills and take part in discussions in relaxed, inviting environment. Participants will not be judged or assessed in any way, and it’s not a course: you can come for one session, or come to every session or for any sessions you want.

Space is limited! Participation Fee Per Session: pay what you can ($10 suggested).

All are welcome, and we especially welcome and encourage the participation of traditionally underrepresented demographics and people of any gender.