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McLuhan Monday — Monomyth of Social Media

Superhero Stories and Why They Matter: The Origin of the Real-Life SpiderMable

Matty Flores, a researcher studying communications and technology in the Faculty of Extension, examined how a six year-old cancer patient’s superhero wish went viral. His research project was guided by a socio-culturalism perspective, and used an exploratory single-case study approach and qualitative method to understand   “Why do Edmontonians relate to ‘real-life’ superhero stories such as SpiderMable?

Find out why it was a sensation by joining Matty at McLuhan House Monday on April 1st.

Matty Flores is a wonderer. His explorations throughout 75 countries fuel his passion for storytelling and his fascination of stories of history, people, and cultures from around the world. Once upon a time… Matty was a television journalist, before working as a communications consultant for industry and government.