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McLuhan Monday — Intermedia Research

You’re invited to the monthly Media Seminar at McLuhan House!

The year was 1968. New ideas about art and media were being transformed into mass confrontations and demonstrations on the streets of France. Join McLuhan House literati Stuart Mackay and Marco Adria as they discuss the rise of the poster as a call to action, the rapid creation of new hybrid artistic forms, and the end of what Marshall McLuhan called “polite society.”

Intermedia Arts-Based Research

Sourayan Mookerjea, director of the Intermedia Research Studio at the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta, will give a presentation on intermedia research and its derivation from the aesthetic politics of the Situationist International, Guy Debord’s critique of the society of the spectacle, Canadian communication theory, and cultural studies. The talk will include an overview of some of the recent projects underway at the Studio.

Bio: Sourayan Mookerjea is a writer and director of the Intermedia Research Studio at the Department of Sociology, the University of Alberta where he specializes in decolonizing social theory, critical globalization studies, and intermedia research. His current projects include SSHRC funded research on The Commons and the Convergence of Crises, Toxic Media Ecologies: Critical Responses to the Cultural Politics of Planetary Crises and is co-director of Feminist Energy Futures and of iDoc – Just Powers.

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