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Lauren Crazybull: Open Studio with Curated Live Music

You’re invited to a McLuhan House Open Studio hosted by this year’s Artist In Residence, Lauren Crazybull.

For Lauren, visual art is a way of grappling with the complexities of a terrifying and beautiful world as an Indigenous woman whose existential, emotional, physical, and creative freedom depends upon the world’s ability to expand its understanding of justice, humanity, and decolonial love. Lauren’s art, therefore, reflects the spectrum of her personal, social, political and spiritual preoccupations in a way that is always gesturing toward, or grappling with the possibilities of peace. Lauren will be showing her work alongside curated musical performances.

Cover By Donation.

Doors Open at 5PM
Performances Start at 6PM


Matthew Cardinal
Matthew is a multi-instrumentalist in many diverse projects, including the shoegaze-infused Slow Girl Walking and the thunderous rock trio nêhiyawak. With his solo material, Cardinal steps away from roaring guitars and produces ambient soundscapes that quietly scream with emotion. He leaves most of his tracks untitled, allowing his audience to fill in the blanks themselves.

Jayden Paz
Never have folk and blues met in a sweeter union as now. With just a guitar and soaring vocals, Jayden brings emotions to life while making you tap your feet. Drowned in sweeping melodies, his lyrics both move and challenge the listener. Jayden represents the very best of talent and resilience that Edmonton can offer.

Family Injera
Mustafa Rafiq is Family Injera – tending to forgotten family roots through sound. Blending traditional guitar style with spiritual field recordings cloaked in abrasive ambient noise, meditative psychedelia is born.

Jordan Koe
Emerging Tetlit Gwich’in sound artist Jordan Koe debuted this summer creating Nâsipewin for found fest 2018. Using field recordings of spaces in T6, Jordan aims to capture the sound relationship Indigenous people have to land and it’s evolution since colonization. Using those sounds Jordan creates loud, violent, and beautiful sound art that forces the listener to reconcile its relationship to the land.