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McLuhan Monday – Deconstructing Advertising

Stuart MacKay will lead a discussion on Marshall McLuhan’s statement that “All advertising advertises is advertising.” This statement is from Dr. McLuhan’s book “Understanding Media: The Extension of Man” (1964). While controversial when it was introduced, is it still applicable in today’s media crazed world.

Take the time to explore thought-provoking ideas on media consumption and its cultural, social, and political implications. Focusing on the medium rather than the content, we will explore what might this mean about how advertising has evolved with technology.

Recycling media so it can be used again and again is a form of palimpsest that Marco Adria will give context to. This technique of scraping or washing off text from a page so that the material could be used again was popular in times when parchment was expensive and not readily available. In what ways is this still done today?

Spend the evening deconstructing advertising with the McLuhan Literati and see how Marshall McLuhan’s idea, “Advertising is the greatest form of art in the twentieth century” is just as pertinent today as it was when he first brought the idea forward.

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